Unique Oval Cut Diamonds

Unique Oval Cut Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Although unconventional and a rarity, oval cut diamonds are gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds among diamond collectors worldwide. The first oval cut diamond was created by Lazare Kaplan, a diamond jeweler, in the sixties. The oval cut diamond shares a striking resemblance with the round brilliant diamond, even though they have different shapes and sizes.

These diamonds are judged on the standard 4C criteria i.e. ‘Cut’, ‘Color’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Carat’. They have a sparkling radiance, which is caused by their exquisite ability to reflect light. There are 56 facets on an oval cut diamond, 33 on the top and 23 on the base. Since an oval cut diamond has so many facets, there is an optical illusion and appears larger than its original size. The standard aspect ratio of an oval cut diamond is around 1.50:1.00.

Oval cut diamonds are increasingly being used in engagement rings. The unique look and rarity of the diamond makes it a valuable purchase among couples. They are cost effective too, as they are priced lower than other diamonds like the round brilliant diamond. Hence, people often prefer them over the round brilliant diamond. Their radiance is not compromised even in smaller carat sizes. This property alone makes the oval cut diamond a highly sought after item.

There are various aspects to be kept in mind while buying an engagement ring made of oval cut diamond. The diamond should be certified by the GIA or a similar gemological institute. Uncertified diamonds have various loopholes in their cuts, size, color and shape. A loosely cut oval diamonds is likely to suffer from the ‘’bow tie’’ effect, which causes a small shadow to appear on the cuts. It may also expose other blemishes on the diamond that may be invisible to the naked eye.

Different settings are available on the oval cut diamonds as well. The standard setting, however, is the 4-6 prong setting. The 3-prong setting is often used for making three stone anniversary pendants that symbolize the past, present and the future.

Depending on these factors, one could easily purchase a striking oval cut diamond and present it to their fiancé or their wife. These diamonds are also available on a variety of online stores that sell GIA, AGS or IGI certified gemstones. It would not be prudent to purchase diamonds that are not approved and validated by either of the certifying authorities.

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