People In Science

By: Kaden Crowley

Dijanna Figueroa

Dijanna is a marine biologist. She studys Metoblism. Metoblism People go 2 KM down in the ocean and sunlight never reaches. If they would ever get out of there sub they would be crushed like a can. She works Industry of California.

Jon Bohmer

Jon bomer uses boxes and tinfoil to boil and cook foods. This invention is less than $5 to make. It made the Ft ultimate universe changing challenge. This ove eliminates the the need for rural residents to cut down trees and use it for burn wood.

Mitchel Pryor

He builds robots for a living. The school he went to was the University of texas. His research group is now testing new robots with more technology. He is trying to make the ultimate robot that can work without human assistance.

Agnes Riley

Anges Riley works on computers and trys to find new ways to fix them. He is a famous computer technician and he found out that if your computer is not working the best try is to try and shut it down. He is now working in a computer company in Hangry.