Invisible People

Danielle Leis

Causes of Homelessness

  • Some get kicked out oh homes
  • Lose of job/ having no income to support themselves
  • Addictions
  • Health Issues
  • Bad choices

Personal Stories

  • In one of the stories I looked at was a man who went to fight in the war. He came back and didn't have anything becoming homeless
  • Another one was a mom and her daughter. The mom couldn't afford housing so the lived in her van for the time being
  • Wolf a man with medical problems became homeless because he couldn't afford what he was getting treated for. His wife had earlier died and he didn't really have anyone to help take care of him.

What is Being Done

  • Many areas have put in homeless meters. These meters are designed like parking ones except the money goes to charities for the homeless.
  • Many people volunteer at homeless shelters.
  • People kindle give homeless money, food, or something they think that they need.
  • We started food pantries to help out.


  • In some public parks they put in sprinklers so when they were on homeless people couldn't go there and be in peace, sleep, or anything like that.
  • Some areas have removed their public benches so they wouldn't have that to rest on either.
  • In some areas its illegal to be homeless.
  • Other areas went the homeless to be thrown in jail.

The Community and I

  • Our community has done a lot. We have food drives and pantries. We also do coat drives and other helpful things like that.
  • I can start by giving something to someone in need.