2016 Citizens

Dear Citizens,

Hi my name is Guy Montag but people just call me montag, i'm from the 24th century. You may be wondering if things are still the same as they were back then, but their not, lots of things have changed.

Over the years our world have gotten crazy no one is reading anymore, which you probably think is amazing but it's not, since people stopped reading they decided to ban books. Now we can only read comic books which isn't helping our knowledge. Everyone knows that our world has become very digital but now students don't have real teachers in their classrooms they have digital teachers, and kids can't even ask them questions. How are you supposed to get a better understanding of things if you don't ask questions. Teenagers and adults are going crazy. Teenagers began to kill for fun, and adults drive 50 miles per hour just for no reason, and they don't get tickets you'll only get a ticket if you are driving too slow.

Even though all those things are crazy, that's not even the craziest thing. The craziest thing is if you are caught with having books than fireman will come and burn all of your books. That's really crazy, and I guess i forgot to tell you that i'm fireman,and I don't even know if I like my job or not.

see our world isn't the best place to live in right now, but you know that it all changed because of what's happening in your world right now. If people would have stopped judging books so much and began to read books than books wouldn't be banned and students might have real teachers.If teenagers would start acting their age and not their shoe size than our world would be a safe place.

But all im asking you is to please do better with the world that you have now because everything that you are doing is always changing the future.

Sincerely, Guy Montag