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Is this "Win-Win?"

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Let's be "PROACTIVE"

See device checkout procedures for more information.

  1. Each Chromebook is numbered on the bottom and the slots and plugs are numbered, please place it back into the correct slot.
  2. When taking a Chromebook out of the cart, place the cord back into the slot.
  3. YES, you can check one out to take home over the weekend. Just send me an email of which one you are taking and make sure it is returned Monday morning so it is available to the teacher that has checked it out.
  4. When using these devices, PLEASE sign out of your Google Account AND the actual Chromebook. I used them after the faculty meeting on Friday and MANY of the books were still turned on and logged on as teachers. When you remain logged in, students have open access to your Google Apps.

I have several days blocked out on the device check out to do Chromebook lessons but if you need some for a small group lesson, let me know and maybe we can work something out!

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Device Checkout Procedures

    1. Devices are checked out by the day - teachers can share between each other for different times during the day. Small group check out is best (6+- devices). Try not to check out a class set unless absolutely necessary, because EVERYONE wants to use them! If you have an important project or event, please talk to me first and we will work it out!
    2. Devices should be placed in the correct number slot and plugged up when they are returned to the cart.
    3. Do not send students to return devices.
    4. Please wipe the screens off before you return them
    5. Please monitor the battery usage on the devices. Make sure the devices are charging when you plug them back in. iPads will make a "ding" and Chromebooks will light up on the back.
    6. Please do not sign up for weeks or months ahead of time.

Technology Class Topics Available

The October Calendar is out! Sign up today!

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Chromebooks - you will need to let me know ASAP so I can reserve the Chromebooks. I have them reserved the week of September 22nd for the class already scheduled so if you want to jump in, sign up here.
  • What's my password/signing in
  • Intro to Keyboarding
  • 3-5 Building a Digital Portfolio (5th Grade has to do this for their performance based SLO)
  • iPads and Device handling with PK-1 (let me know in advance so I can block these days off. It would be super if I could do a a grade level in a day (more check out time for YOU!)