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From the Principal

Hello Families,

We hope that you all enjoyed the Halloween festivities at our school. It was sure great to have a full house to celebrate with our students and teachers. As a Leader In Me School, we will be addressing our Leader in Me Habit #1- Be Proactive. We will be talking to students about the following: You're in charge- I am responsible person. I take initiative. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. I do not blame others for my wrong actions. I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking.

Our students and teachers will be making videos as well as posting on our Facebook page ways to Be Proactive in all walks of life. Thank you for making time at home to discuss this at home as well.

We are so thankful to all the WatchDOGS that have spent a day with us at Stoney Creek. Your time is precious to each of us and we can't thank you enough for your presence. Please tell your friends what an experience it is to walk our halls, read with students, play games, and interacting with them throughout the day. We have a few open spots in November and more after the first of the year.

I would like to highlight a group of people in this newsletter each week. Our first group is 1st grade. Teachers include; Mrs. Defever, Mrs. Jurewicz, Mrs. Kiander, Miss Olsson, Miss Wabeke, and Mrs. Williams. We are also thankful for a student teacher, Miss Harnden in Mrs. Jurewicz's classroom. We are so thankful for their creative spirits and highly effective teaching practices. It is so powerful to see their collaboration each week. They have already hosted a curriculum night to showcase all that the first graders will learn this year. This group of teachers will also be supporting our music teacher, Mrs. Hite at the CPEF fundraiser when the first graders will sing at the event. Thank you First Grade TEAM and keep up the GREAT WORK!

Educationally yours,

Tiffany Jackson, Principal

Thanksgiving Break - No School November 27-29

Building Healthy Communities Update: Hand Washing is a Healthy Thing to Do!

There will be lots of healthy food sampling going on in our school this year and we want to assure you that proper hand washing or use of sanitizer is a priority. We will teach children that washing their hands correctly involves the use of soap, warm water, vigorously scrubbing hands for 20 seconds and rinsing. Hand washing is very important to control the transfer of germs which are too small to see. Please encourage your children to follow this same procedure at home. Be a good role model and remember to wash your hands before eating or preparing food.

Fluency is Critical In Learning

Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression. When fluent readers read, they recognize words automatically. Readers who are not yet fluent read slowly, word by word. Their reading is choppy.

Because fluent readers do not have to concentrate on decoding the words, they can focus their attention on what the text means. Less fluent readers, however, must focus their attention on figuring out the words, leaving them little attention for understanding the meaning of text.

How do we develop fluent readers? One part of becoming fluent is automatically recognizing the words that are found most often in our reading (sometimes called high-frequency words). A reader needs to learn these words well enough that he/she doesn’t even have to pause to sound out or “remember” them. A student is reading a word fluently if it can be read immediately every time it appears!

How can you help at home? Ask your child’s teacher for a list of high-frequency words that they are working on. Or start with the Dolch word lists, link found below. Practice those words - a few at a time - over and over again until they can be read automatically. Then add in new words - but go back and review the “old” words every once in a while.

Go to this link to see the Dolch word lists.

WatchDOGS 2019-2020

Watch D.O.G.S. has officially launched and we are excited to announce that we have many days already filled. Please go to this link to schedule your day(s). Please add your email so the computer will send you a reminder for your special day. Please remember that you will need to have a Volunteer Application on file for this school year. Forms are available on the school web page or in the office.

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19 PTO Meeting

21 Title 1 Baking Night

26 Talks with Tiffany 10 a.m.

26 First Grade Friendsgiving

27-29 No School - Thanksgiving Break


7 PTO Pancake Breakfast

19 Classroom Holiday Parties

19 Half Day of School - Dismissal at 12:05 p.m.

20 Half Day of School - Dismissal at 12:05 p.m.

23-January 3, 2020 - NO SCHOOL - Winter Break


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