Take your classroom to the cloud!

Are you ready to go paperless? Do you want to develop an online community for your classroom?

Edmodo is a social learning network that is safe for students and FREE for teachers! With a “Facebook-like” look, it’s sure to grab your students’ attention and get them excited about learning. This session will explain what Edmodo is, how you and your students create accounts, and give real-life examples of Edmodo in action. I’ll show you how to assign and grade work in Edmodo and give advice on best practices, as well as share permission forms and roll-out materials. Whether you teach first grade or fifth, this is a resource you will definitely want in your technology toolkit!

Edmodo at a Glance

Let's go backstage first...

Create a Teacher Account

  • Go to www.edmodo.com and click on "I'm a Teacher."
  • Fill in the required information and click on "Sign up."
  • You will receive a series of emails from Edmodo with tips for getting started.

Get Permission and Set Expectations

Before you decide to use Edmodo in your classroom, make sure your district and administrators are ok and on-board. When kids and social media is involved...ask permission - not forgiveness!

Look here for some excellent rollout resources from Edmodo. You are also welcome to use/modify the forms I use in Brenham ISD.

Create a Group

  • When you create a group, a code is generated. Your students will have to enter your group code in order to join your group.
  • DO NOT post these publicly! Anyone who has this code can join your group - ANYONE. Only share these codes with your STUDENTS!
  • Don't forget to LOCK THE CODES when all of your students have joined.
  • Set up notifications so you are alerted when people join your group and post comments. BE IN CHARGE!

Invite your Students

  • Your students will also go to www.edmodo.com to sign up, but they will click on "I'm a Student."
  • They must enter the code that was generated when you created the group.
  • I pass out login cards with the information pre-populated for my students to make this process as easy as possible.
  • The first activity I have my students complete is to create an avatar for their profile - I NEVER use their actual picture OR their last name! I like to use Clay Yourself.

Invite Your Parents

  • Edmodo will generate a parent code, as well, so parents can see what is going on in their child's Edmodo account.
  • I send this code home in this letter to let parents know that I appreciate their support and I also appreciate their involvement with our Edmodo group.

Post an Assignment

  • Click on the Assignment tab and enter the requested assignment information (title, description, due date...).
  • You can also add attachments (links and files) to supplement your assignment.
  • When your assignment is complete, you must "send" it to the group.
  • Students will get a post in their Edmodo account that they have a new assignment.
  • Just like you did when you walked in, they will complete the task you have assigned and "Turn in" their work when they are finished.

Grade an Assignment

  • When a student turns in an assignment, you will receive an alert in your notifications panel.
  • You can review the student's assignment, make a comment and send it back to them, or give them a grade.

Create and Grade Quizzes

  • Edmodo also allows you to create quizzes and grade them directly in Edmodo.
  • You can add multiple choice, true/false, short answer or fill-in-the-blank questions. You can also set a dute date and time limit for the quiz.
  • Students receive an alert when there's a new quiz just like they get with an assignment.
  • When they submit the quiz, you can elect to have them see their grade immediately and they can even go back and review the questions they missed.
  • You can access all grades to assignments and quizzes in your gradebook.

Now to center stage...

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