Video games

Problems with video games

How does video games affect people?

How does video games affect people? The people get addicted to the video games so much. Advertisers seek to control video game users by encouraging to impulse buying.

Effect of video games

The effect of playing video games too much is that they only think in the game they play, there are games that you have to kill, the video games addicts are obsessed on killing people. There are a lot of cases that teens kill people because of the video games. “Many parents witness behavior described by from when they take a computer or gaming system away from their children (Gale 2).”


The parents of video games addicts have to show them to play outside, to do something productive and maybe they are gonna stop being addicts.Everybody likes to play outside, even if you are an old man. I am a video game addict too but I like to go outside and play but I prefer to stay inside playing video games. This break I will try to play outside all the time with my brother and I will try to play just like one hour per day.

Video games are bad and you can get addicted to it.


Commercialism causes people to buy without thinking. There is always a solution for everything, sometimes it can be hard but it isn’t impossible.

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