Her Mind & Body Weight Loss 101

Focusing on Diet, Exercise, and Stress Management

Are you ready to change?

How deep is your desire to lose weight? It depends on what stage of CHANGE you are in. There are 5 stages:

1. Pre-contemplation(You're not thinking about losing weight. It may require a health crisis to get you to do so.)

2. Contemplation (You're thinking about losing weight, weighing the pros and cons.)

3. Preparation (You decide to lose weight. You've signed up for gym membership, completed a "kitchen raid", purchased workout gear, etc.)

4. Action (You are following a plan of action to reach your goal.)

5. Maintenance(You have reached your weight loss goal and you are committed to keeping the weight off.)

Which stage are you in?

If you are in stage 2 or 3, then I highly recommended that you sign up for the Her Mind & Body Weight Loss 101 e-course. Her Mind & Body Weight Loss 101 focuses on diet, exercise, and stress management for weight loss and total well-being.

In this course, you will learn all you need to know about weight loss from a certified health coach. The tools you will need for this course are a tape measure and a bathroom scale. I will be available to support you throughout your course experience.

If you are ready to improve your eating habits, optimize your weight loss efforts during exercise, and reduce stress in the areas of money (debt, lack of), relationships (with your Higher Power, yourself, and others), and your physical environment (clutter, disorganization), then this course is for you.

Upon completion of this course, you will have a clear understanding of what is necessary for weight loss to occur, and be able to put into practice techniques that will help reduce stress in your life, as well as techniques to help keep you motivated and on track towards reaching your weight loss goal.

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Founder of Her Mind & Body,

Jacquelyn Hollister, CHC

Jacquelyn Hollister, CHC

Founder of Her Mind & Body, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Health Coach, creator of the Her Mind & Body Weight Loss Plan, and publisher of the Her Mind & Body Weight Loss Planner.