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In the News...

Wow what a busy BUT great week we had. It was filled with tons of fun for 120 Day and St. Patrick's Day, plus also with lots of information as the kids shared their progress with you all during their student-led conferences. Thank you to all the parents who came and supported their child through this experience. The boys and girls were very excited to be the teacher and go through their data with you. If you missed your conference, I placed your child's conference sheet in his/her Friday Folder. Please look over it, sign and return it on Monday.

This week in literacy we focused on St. Patrick's Day. The kids heard several fiction stories through listening to reading and during our Read aloud. They also worked on a non-fiction passage during read to someone as well as a poem during read to self. With each reading activity the boys and girls worked on their written comprehension.

We are still focusing on Fairy Tales through our Writer's Workshop. The kids are planning out their group fairy tale and will begin writing these next week. For our class Fairy Tale, we came up with a super story plan and I can't wait to get started writing it!

In Math this week we continued with fluency and also sharing our 120 projects. I am loving seeing all the great and creative ways you guys came up with to show 120! The kids have been excited to see and share!

There was a mix up with our field trip date. It was scheduled for the 22nd which will not work because we are tracked out; therefore, that limited us to a mid-week trip to the Life and Science Museum in Durham. Our trip has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Apr. 12th. We will leave school at 9:30 on charter buses and not return to school until 4:45 which is after bus dismissal. You will need to plan to have someone here at school at that time to pick your child up upon our return to school. We are looking for chaperones to help during the trip. I have had one parent volunteer so far. Please let me know if you would like to come help. You must be an approved WCPSS chaperone in order to attend. If you have not completed the Volunteer Registration please plan to do so on Monday in the office as it takes a couple of weeks for approval and our trip is just around the corner. It's a great field trip with lots of fun so I hope many of you will decide to come and help! Permission slips and info will go home on Apr. 1st.

Don't forget to send in 12 or more candy filled Easter eggs on Monday! We have only had a few eggs come in so far and we would LOVE to have lots of eggs so the kids can have a great time finding them. We are having our annual Easter egg hunt on Thursday at 1:30. You are invited to come watch the kids race to collect their eggs. It is a quick, but fun event! We also need parents to come and hide our eggs around 1:00. I have had one parent volunteer so far. Let me know if you can help too.

I hope you all have a super weekend. Let me know if you have any questions.

Take Care,

Ms. Gower


  • Easter Eggs- Don't forget to send in 12 or more candy filled eggs on Monday. We haven't gotten many. Remember also to not by candy with nuts due to allergies.

  • Report Cards- These go home on Thursday, Apr. 24th.

  • Good Friday- There is no school on Friday, Apr. 25th.

  • Volunteers- Let me know if you can help hide Easter Eggs on Thursday at 1:00 and if you can chaperone our Field Trip on Tues. Apr. 12th.

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