animals in zoos or no

by Parker Kennedy and Jenna Altig

What we think

Well its hard to say on what we think. There are pros and cons to this issue. You may think what you know but we might change your mind.


Lets start here. some of the cons are, the animals might be overwhelmed and crowded. Have you ever been snowed into your house for a couple days and you couldn't get out, well that's how they feel everyday. Trapped in a small space. They want there freedom, to run wild and be an animal. The could be scared for life because sometimes when the babies are caught, the mother is too dangerous so it has to be killed. We know they are safe but they don't think so. animals in captivity live shorter lives than ones in the wild because they are more stressed and unable to do various things that wild animals can.


Its also good to have them in zoos if they are hurt, if they are separated with there mother, or if they are endangered. Zoos also increase there life span of injured animals. Zoos save animals, like penguins, from global warming. They will take in any animal in need. they protect the animals from external dangers. They has kept animals from going extincted. ''Zoos are good for only good for certain animals. some are forced to stay there.'' says zoologist Sally Hibbard.


there are many solutions to this problem but we are going to give you the most important ones. They could make zoos isolated from the public and expanded in size. They could just shut down the zoos competently in America, and have a place for the animals that would help animals in need.
Should zoos exist?

in loving memory of steve irwin

Steve Irwin Tribute - Wildest Things in the World - by Melodysheep


Zoos hurt animals but they can also be good. They should minimize the amount of zoos in America and expand the space for animals.