By Rebecca.Brewer-Barker

Land and Climate

  • POPULATION=8.3 million people
  • Land size covers 43,278 sq. miles
  • Location: Central America
  • Bordered by Atlantic & Pacific Oceans
  • Natural Resources: wood, gold, silver, copper, lead & zinc
  • Only Central American country with volcanoes
  • Summer temperatures reach up to 105 degrees F
  • 1998: Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras for 7 days
  • Hottest Season: March-May
  • Poor soil
  • Climate varies with elevation; Lowlands: Subtropical; Highlands: Temperate


  • Honduras is a Republic
  • Divided into 18 Provinces
  • Each Province has a Governor
  • Has a President that serves one-4 year term with a cabinet as head of state
  • Government and Military are separate
  • Congress has 128 seats
  • All citizens are allowed to vote at age (18)


  • Mayan empire resided until AD 800 in what is known as present-day Honduras
  • Smaller empires controlled various regions until Spanish conquistadors arrived
  • In 1502 columbus arrived and named the land Honduras (named for deep waters off the north caost)
  • Battles between the Spanish & groups of natives lasted until the last indian chief was killed in 1539
  • in 1539 the Spanish established a capital in Comayagua Honduras was incorporated into Spain's colony of Guatemala
  • In 1570's silver was discovered and immigration increased
  • In 1821 Honduras declared independence from Spain & joined the Mexican empire
  • In 1838 Honduras became an indepent republic
  • In 1949 military rule ended
  • In 1981 civilian rule was restored by the election of Robert Suazo Cordoua
  • Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world


  • One of the poorest conries in the world
  • About 62% of the population lives in poverty
  • Economy is dependant on agrigculture
  • Exports: bananas, coffee, seafood, timber, cotton, sugar & metals
  • Obstacles to growth in economy are weak infrasture; large foreign debts; high interest rates; a large,inefficient bureaucracy corruption & high crime rates
  • Currency is the lenpira