On ice


Whats hockey?

Hockey is a fun sport to play.Hockey means short for ice and field.Hockey is a simple sport and what you do is first you have to have hockey gear.Then you have to have a hockey stick to play hockey.After that then the coach's talk to you about what the team has to do.Then when you get on the ice you have to warm up like any other sport would do.After that then there will be five guys on each team to go out.Add one goal to each side to.Then the puck drops and the game begins.After that you get the puck and score.

How to play hockey?

The first step to playing hockey is that you need to know that there is offside's.Offside's is where there are blue lines and if your body is over the blue line then the puck pass's over then that is offside's.Other thing you need to know is how to shoot the puck.The way to shoot the puck is that there is a curve and when the puck is on the curve you have to shoot it.After that then the puck should have rolled of the stick.

Famous,Famous,All star

One of the best red wings ever is Pavel Datsyuk.Pavel Datsyuk is the best thinker on the ice.Pavel Datsyuk has almost the best stick handling skills in the world.Pavel Datsyuk has inspired me in every way.I have really good stick handling skills and I think almost better than anyone else on the ice.I have the best skills and stic handling skills also I have the best thinking on the ice.Pavel Datsyuk has been the best but he has to leave the red wings because he wants to go back to Russia with his family.


At the first of the shootout there are three people from each team that will go.One person for the three will go then after he go's then the other team go's.After whoever scores the most ponits out of three then they win.If there is a tie then it go's to sudden death.One person from each team will go.One person go's at a time.If the first person miss in the sudden death and the second one scores then the second one who scored wins.