Roman Soldier

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Only men can apply to be a roman soldier and you have to be over 20 years of age. You must not be married whilst you are working as a roman soldier.

You have to work extremely hard; you are expected to march 20 miles per day. In the field there will be 8 men in a tent with a pack mule. You will have a fort with 2 rooms, one will be for sleeping and the other will be for sorting your equipment. Your time will be spent on patrols or on sentry duty, some soldiers may be moved around the empire, as you are needed.

Working hours

You as a soldier are expected to work for 25 years before you can retire.

in a day you will work from 3:30am to 11:30pm

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You will wear quite simple clothing.

The Loincloth, Socks, Leg wrappings, leg bindings, Trousers, Military Tunic - short or long-sleeved, Military belt, Leather Lappets - (Apron / Skirt of decorated), strips, Armor - corselet called the Lorica segmentation, Armor – helmet, Armor – segmented arm protector, Cloak or Hooded Cloak, Scarf and Military sandals or boots.

you will have quite a number of equipment such as: shield, sword, dagger and a javelin.

Education or qulaifictaions

To become a roman soldier you need to spend up to two years training at a roman base camp. You do not need to have any sort of qualifications to become a soldier.


You’re average salary for a Roman soldier is approximately only 112 denarii per year.