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We are BWE! Staff Update 11.13.15

Leaders, leaders, everywhere...

4th Graders, Carter and Brody took leadership roles today as they read to our Kinders...


  • This Week- General Update/Comments
  • Important Dates
  • Clark's Corner
  • Staff Brags
  • 50's Day - 2nd Grade
  • Veterans Day
  • Buddy Bench (Repeat)
  • Substitute Links/Application Process (Repeat)

This Week...

Great week!

Being out of the building at a leadership conference on Monday and Tuesday was difficult, but being provided enrichment towards my leadership was priceless. I appreciate District Leadership giving me this opportunity. Topics touched on included: Google applications, Makers and Shakers, developing Leadership capacity within the building, and assessment inventories.

The photos and feedback from our 50's Day activities were very positive. Thank you to the Veteran's Day Committee for providing such a memorable celebration of appreciation for our Veterans.

As I visited classrooms this week, I was reminded in Mrs. Monfort's class to 'try to get lost in your learning'. What a great message! Learners can get "lost" (in a good way!) when they are exploring, being challenged, and creating. Let's bring that deep learning into our classrooms to create a LOVE for learning. Here is a great article on 'Designing Learning that Matters.'

Finally, thank you educators. You are appreciated...and if anyone asks you, "What do you do...?" See below...:)

Happy Weekend,


Important Dates:

November 19th - Board Meeting @ BWHS (6:30 pm)

November 20th: BWE Monthly Staff Meeting - Eagles' Nest (Agenda coming early next week!)

November 25-27th: No School - Thanksgiving Break

November 30th: Waiver Day-No school for students (Agenda coming next week!)

December 1st: PTO Meeting - Eagles' Nest (7:00pm)

December 3rd: AIR English Language Arts for 3rd Grade

December 14th - Winter Musical, 6:30

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"Something Old":

PBIS- This week I made it my goal to give out 10 gemstones. I feel like our PBIS momentum is dying down. If you have any suggestions on how to hype things up again, please let me know.

"Something New":

Peer observations: I will be going to GRE on November, 17th from 2:00-3:00 to observe first grade math stations. If you are interested in joining me let me know and we will work out coverage. Even if you are not a first grade teacher you can still take away some ideas. Also, if you are willing to be observed by peers from other buildings please let me know and I will offer your room up. The other instructional facilitators and myself will be offering a PD on personalization on Waiver Day. We will be going to each elementary building for one hour (schedule below). This PD will be very engaging and informative, you are guaranteed to walk out with great ideas!!!!

Shout Outs: Thank you to Patti Tarney, Kelsey Zak, Julie Tuel, Mika George, Becky Sliva and Kathy Blocher for helping to create an AMAZING Veteran’s Day Program.

Upcoming PD:


  • 8:15-9:15- BWE

  • 10:00-11:00- GRE

  • 12:15- 1:15- HSE

  • 1:45-2:45- SOU

"Something Borrowed":

Are you wondering if you are personalizing your learning in your classroom?

Here is a graphic to help you answer this question.

Resource of the Week:

Kidblog is a safe and simple place where kids have a voice with their writing. Cindy Barno, Laura Gallo and myself saw this being used in action in Angie Keller’s room at GRE during writing centers. It is free, however there is a price if you want to “upgrade”. After speaking with Angie Keller, she relayed to me that their really is no reason to pay, as the free trial has everything you need.


Veterans Day

  • Miss Jill would like to brag about Kelly Rice because she keeps us safe and follows the rules!

  • Miss Jill would also like to brag about Kathy Blocher because she is a team player and wonderful helper!

  • Mrs. Tuel would like to brag about Mrs. Gallo because she found AWESOME time machine music!

  • Mrs. Tuel would also like to brag about Jim and John for getting the gym ready for Veteran’s day she would also like to brag about:

    • Ms. Stinette and Ms. Norris because of their hard word on decorations on the front window for the program

    • Mrs. Tarney, Miss Sliva, Miss Zak, Miss George, Mrs. Blocher and Mrs. Clark for doing a great job with the Veteran’s day festivities

  • The first grade team would like to brag about Mr. Brodhead because he works hard with first grade to make them better listeners.

  • Mrs. Swansegar would like to brag about Mrs. Kavalieros and Miss Zak for cleaning up spilled milk!

  • Miss Zak would also like to brag about Mrs, Kavalieros and Miss Swansegar for cleaning up the milk mess.

  • Mrs. Kavalieros would like to brag about Miss Swansegar and Miss Zak for cleaning out the fridge.

  • Ms. Diana would like to brag about Miss Coleman because she is always willing to help…..with a smile!

  • Ms. Diana would like to brag about Mrs. Lynn because she does a wonderful job teaching art!

  • Ms. Diana would like to brag about Mrs. Blocher because of her willingness to take 2 classes together 3 times in a row!!!

2nd Grade celebrated 50's Day! (50 days of school...50's style!)

2nd grade compared the 1950s with today. The participated in "then and now" activities. Children loved doing all the stations!

Buddy Bench

It is here, our Buddy Bench! Great thanks to our PTO for the purchase! Below is additional information about how it originated and its intention.

The bench was constructed by Mr. John (THANK YOU!) and is currently out on the blacktop.

The gist:

What Is The Buddy Bench?

The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. Let's spread the message of inclusion and kindness!

  • #1 Video: 2:29

  • #2 Video (Quick) 1 minute commercial:

Please make your students aware of the intention of the bench. Additionally, while you are out on recess, please take quick glances over to see if anyone needs a kind "hand".

Thank you for your support! Thinking a promo video featuring our kids might be a good way to promote - if anyone would like to head that? Or, I am sure some of our tech-savy 4th graders could certainly orchestrate something like that? Megan Johnston has agreed to head the project-yay! If interested in being apart of it, please contact Megan.

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We always need good substitutes! Know anyone; parents, community members, etc...? Please share.