Hernán Cortés vs. Perez Hilton

Leaders of the Past To Leaders of the Present

Hernán Cortés 1485-1547

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Perez Hilton (Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr.) 1978-

"In my own subservient way, I am trying to make the world a better place. I will push the envelope. I'm not afraid to offend or be dangerous, whateverbecause I can. It's my website. I can do whatever I want."

-Perez Hilton

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Leadership Abilities


-led expedition to Mexico

-founded the town of Villa Rica de Veracruz were he was named captain general and principal judge of the town

-appointed by Emperor Charles V as governor and captain general of New Spain

  • under these new appointments he showed his abilities by rebuilding Tenochtitlán as the Spanish city of Mexico
  • dispatched his lieutenants to subdue Indian groups
  • Spanish rule spread throughout Mexico
  • Promoted introduction of European plants and animals, conversion of native population to Christianity
  • His government was seen as considerate because of the physical welfare of the Indians


-has attracted a wide following on both Facebook and Twitter

-attracts a wide range of people due to his Cuban and American routes as well as his being openly gay

-able to spread his word to many due to his large use of multimedia including his blog, Twitter, and Facebook



-Cortés led with a mixture of authoritative and democratic aspects. He was authoritative in that he would decide what and when something was to be done and his followers had dependency on him. However, he also ruled democratically in that he encouraged involvement and offered guidance to group members.


-leads with delegative aspects such as hard working independently (Hilton blogs and gossips on his own), useful in business (blogging and gossiping is his job), and more demands on leader



-He negotiated alliances with Indian tribes adjacent to the town he founded

-Through communication he also gathered intelligence about the Aztecs

-He negotiated much further in the war with the Aztecs and was able to accomplish a lot because he communicated in a peaceful way in which people were willed to listen to him

-Communicated by word and through his followers using his strong and willful words that caused many to hop on the bandwagon created by his persuading tone


-has his own website that he blogs on daily, most usually about celebrity gossip and the latest celeb news

-has a Twitter account (6,029,380 followers) and a Facebook account (270,307 likes) for communication purposes as well

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LEADERSHIP TRAITS -> successes/failures


-He is very ambitious which allowed him to persevere through certain difficulties he encountered in his conquests, such as when he became friends with Diego Velázquez who appointed Cortés as the leader of the expedition to Mexico, but then saw him as too powerful and was going to relieve him. Cortés' leadership traits allowed him to gather a large following of 800 and venture on to Mexico before Velázquez could get to him

-Cortés was very loyal to his followers. In Tenochtitlán when he and his fellow Spaniards were not treated well, he seized their ruler Montezuma as hostage.

-He is very convincing as well as determined and decisive, such as when Velázquez, one of Cortés' opponents, sent opposition to Tenochtitlán to chastise Cortés. Cortés orchestrated a surprise attack on them and induced them to join his forces.


- is knowledgable about modern celebrities and the controversies surrounding them

-is enthusiastic about his work and uncovering celebrity secrets

-has judgement in that he judges celebrities for what they wear or how they behave to name a few

-he is also courageous in the way that he has no shame in snooping about people's personal lives and sharing details of their life that they may not want shared

All of these traits contribute to his successes as a gossiper and blogger because if he weren't one of these things, it would be hard for him to find things to blog or gossip about.

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-is known as the most famous Spanish conquistador

-was so powerful and popular that Emperor Charles V felt threatened and made many changes so that New Spain wasn't under the full control of Cortés anymore

-revered as a successful and audacious leader with tactical skill

-his vision of a "New Spain" overseas and his statesmanship was key in laying its foundations


-currently the internet's most notorious gossip columnist

-has been featured in L.A. Times, The View, The Wall Street Journal, MTV’s TRL, Larry King, CNN, E!, Time, Paper Magazine, LIFE, SPIN, CBS News, Business Week, Much Music, LA Magazine, The Advocate, Dateline, Howard Stern, Us Weekly, InTouch Weekly, NY Times, LA Times, Billboard and many more- giving him much experience in the professional side of his job


Cortés would give advice to Hilton on how to make the people's lives he gossips about better and not worse with his gossip, therefore increasing his following and credibility.

Hilton would give Cortés advice on different ways that he could share his ambitions with the rest of the world and be more productive and effective with his time.

Both of the pieces of advice the leaders would give are their strong suits and aspects of their leadership that they are known for.

Who would win?

If this were a battle between Hernán Cortés and Perez Hilton based on their leadership skills and abilities, I believe that Cortés would win. While there are perfectly adequate leaders of modern day and incapable leaders of the past, I believe that the comparison of these two leaders shows that we are not better off today. Cortés believed in creating a new world and building it on Spanish principles. He worked hard to establish this and was able to persuade people to follow him and he continued to lead them with pride and power when they did. He cared deeply about his expeditions and fought his whole life trying to accomplish a New Spain and did not give up, even when he was sent back to Spain. Hilton on the other hand, spends his time gossiping about celebrities and blogging about what he discovers, none of which even compares to the good that Cortés brought to Mexico and worked to spread throughout the country, attempting at bettering the lives of many. Hilton's work just makes life more complicated for celebrities and ruins any part of their life that they are trying to keep private.

Hilton's judgement, enthusiasm, and knowledge doesn't compare to Cortés' determination, loyalty, and ambition. In their leadership styles (authoritative/democratic and laissez faire) it is easy to see also how Cortés cares for the people while Hilton only cares for his credibility.

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