CTA Goodman Friday News

July 23, 2021

Our Students Were Welcomed Back on July 21, 2021

Parents each morning after the second bell students listen to announcements and our "Words of Wisdom". I had the privilege of reading the first day back Words of Wisdom. Below is the message that I read to our Gators.

Good Morning Goodman Gators and welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year this is Mrs. Graham your principal with a few words of wisdom. We are so excited to have you all back on campus and ready to see all of of our Gators Showing Greatness. This year, we will be working together to create and maintain a positive and safe environment. You have the power to make good choices, demonstrate positive behaviors and have your best school year yet. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be focusing on safety and making sure that every one of you feels as though you belong. Without all of you, Goodman would not be the great school that it is. We challenge each of you to include one another and be kind, so everyone feels like they belong. With something to think about this is Mrs. Graham. Make it a great day Gators, the choice is yours.

Thank you parents for having Greatness too! You have been so patience with us at dismissal and drop off. I promise it will get better.

Have a great weekend



Parents, please hang in there with us our lines are longer because more Gators are attending in person school this year. We have added over 150 more students to the campus. We are working on making the process faster. I believe each day has gotten better. Below I have listed a few reminders.

  • Please do not get out of your car
  • Please make sure you have your car sign on display
  • Parents that walk up to pick up please have car sign
  • Please wait to cross the cross walk or signal you to cross
  • Please walk your student up to the cross walk in the morning. No dropping off in the parking lot
  • Please do not block neighbors driveways

East Pick Up and Drop Off - The Green Line is the correct flow of traffic- Red line is against the flow

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Thank You PTO for the Wonderful Lunch

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