NOV. 30- DEC. 4, 2015


The 2nd grade Holiday Music practice schedule is posted in the December bulletin. Please be aware of those dates for the cafeteria. The performances for the school are on Friday. Please wait for classes to be called down over the intercom.

The Bradley Christmas Parade is on Friday at 6:00.

Save this Date: Family Cafe' Night on January 28th. More specific information to come. Also, Chris Hall and Make a Difference will be hosting a Family Fitness Night on Nov. 5th at East.

Parental Engagement, Something to ponder: Classroom visits give parents a front-row seat on what happens at school. Parents may know something about standards, but they probably don't know what a standards-based classroom looks like. (Taken from the book, Beyond the Bake Sale)



Tuesday: 2nd Grade Music practice, 8:45-10:45

Wednesday: 2nd Grade Music Practice, 8:45-10:45
Team Meetings

Thursday: 2nd Grade Music Practice, 8:45-10:45

Friday: 2nd Grade Dress Rehearsals, 9:00 and 10:00
Bradley Christmas Parade: 6:00
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