2D Weekly Newsletter

Week Ending February 4th

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I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and the week ahead is a good one also.



Curriculum Updates

  • Math: We have really consolidated our addition and subtraction strategies this week, through rigorous practice and close attention to the mistakes we sometimes made. We have a bagful of strategies to choose from now! We have been working hard on using these strategies when solving word problems.

  • Reading: We have been doing amazing work inferring about the characters in our books with a week focused on some books by Kevin Henkes. We are reading in groups and learning through great book discussion in partners and in our guided groups. We know a writer gives us clues to infer by showing not telling us how the character(s) think, act, and feel. We have read so many great examples of show not tell, and it’s been wonderful to see how student writers are able to do what their mentors do. Many students are working to learn how to correctly punctuate dialogue and luckily the books we’re reading model this for students.

  • Writing: Students are using information from lessons and following the examples of our authors by taking a telling part of a story and and turning it into showing part. We’ve also had the opportunity to listen to stories written by our peers and used those stories for inspiration in our own writing. Some students are ready to begin using their checklists to edit their stories. It’ll be great fun to share these stories with you soon.

  • Social Studies: We began our new unit titled, Qatar, Then & Now. Students watched a video and discussed which parts were from then, which parts were from now, and we thought about whether or not some of the images we saw could be put into both categories. We discussed what we already know about Qatar and what we’d like to learn. We’re looking back 100 years and contrasting 1916 to 2016, and noticing changes that occur in the decades between. We looked at Google Earth to figure out the shape and location of Qatar. We will continue to learn more about either our home or host country for the next five or six weeks. If there are any parents who would like to come in and share their knowledge, please contact me.

  • Health: The students walked into the classroom dressed in their sports gear, buzzing. It was a great feeling to watch them excitedly talk among themselves about what activities they would be participating in, and exhibited a wonderful sense of camaraderie and a passion for being active. We started the day discussing the range of sports people participate in, talking about the benefits of playing different sports to attain new skills and then quickly moved on to maintaining a healthy lifestyle to look after the only muscle in our body that never rests; our heart. After snack and recess it was time to go to the gym and enjoy each other's company and be active while participating in a range of activities. The smiles and laughter displayed shows how much fun they had that day!

Upcoming Events

9 February - No School

11 February - AMA Bake Sale

14 February - Class Valentine Party

17 & 18 February - Dhow and Souk Field Trips

Practicing programming skills for our robotics project.

Kicking off our Social Studies Unit - Qatar Then and Now.

Enjoying writing outside in the beautiful weather.

Gonoodle dancing and learning about the heart.

ASD Sports Day. So much fun!!!