Fast Ed's Marble Cake

Created by William Kininmonth

Sensory Description

Taste- because we didn't have enough time to bake the cake all the through, so they cake mixture was still there. It tasted amazing because it wasn't dry and still had the chocolate in it.
Appearance- it was a lighter looking cake because it hadn't baked properly. It meant that the cake was not hard and quite soft. The chocalte had sunk into the mix making it taste better.
Smell- the smell was sweet and chocolate mixture, the baking vanilla sweet wonderful and was nice to be around.
Texture- it was swirled with the vanilla and chocolate making it look mystical.


What went Well? We had the ingredients and materials all done before everyone else, we did well cleaning up.
What didn't go well? It took a while to make the mixture which made the baking harder.
How can you improve? By using my time effectively and get prepared.
How do you work with your partner? I worked way better with Jonah than cris because Wie concentrated more.
How was your time management? Terrible
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