Christmas Light Webqest

Ashley Chavez

Test 1

IV is parallel and DV is light

hypothesis 1

Jf the Christmas lights are arranged in a parallel circuit then when 1 bulb bursts (is removed) the other bulbs not light up.

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Observation 1

I noticed that if you take one of the light bulbs away then the electricity don't work.
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Observation ; notice that if you take one of the light bulbs out the wires will still go if you connect them.

Hypothesis 2:

If the Christmas light are arranged in a series circuit when 1 bulbs burst (is removed) the other bulbs does light up.

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I noticed that you put the bulbs right it will work
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Contact 4

I noticed that if you take a bulb in the middle it stops working
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A parallel circuit is the best series to use for Christmas light because i doesn't matter if you undo a light bulb.