Envision My Future-Self

15-20 years


I am going to start taking Apparel and Textiles classes to become more educated on the topic of Textiles, and pass my classes so when i go to college the in late 2019 i will be prepared and educated to start my journey towards earning a masters degree from NC State.

Where and when will I complete my education/training?

At Apex Friendship High School and NC State, Will also educate my self on my own time by learning to create apparel items , with the sewing machine i already possess.

Type of career I have chosen

I Have chosen to be a Fashion Designer. They design clothing and accessories for manufactures and for sale directly to the public. May follow established fashion trends or create new designs that influence trends. The average NC wage is $55,750, the national average wage is $73,570, and the average annual range is between $33,580 to $127,190

Where will I live and what type of dwelling?

I will live in an apartment, in a major city, where there is lots of business, such as Paris or New York City.

What type of transportation Will you be using?

I will be either using a bus around the city where transportation will be easier

Will I have a family or not?

I am planning on having a family And eventually getting married and having kids.

Types of activities I enjoy in my spare time

I enjoy running, vacations, and spending time with friends and family in my spare time.