The SilverScintillation3000

Triple the Pleasure, Triple the Speed

A flying phenomenon, a prancing prodigy. The antiquity of aviation is interspersed with the arrival of this very airplane. It surpasses speeds of over 4000km/h and is considered to be the most resplendent aircraft of all time. And now, this world-renowned airline can be ridden by you, and believe me, you will be indeed fascinated and treated with respect and royalty.


Everything sounds so magnificent and luxurious, correct? But the biggest problem our customers encounter is making the right choice. And as everyone know, great power comes with great responsibility. (I MEAN THE COST) But have no fear, we can provide you with our extraordinary assistance and customer service. Please refer to our suggestions and visual graphics.


Of course you are raring to travel on this plane, and are very eager, you must select a plan. You can choose either one of the following:

  • BUSINESS CLASS: Scrumptious Food, Plenty of Legroom, In-Flight Entertainment
Initial Cost: $10000 + $1400/ride

  • FIRST CLASS: Business Class + VIP Treatment, Airline Lounge
Initial Cost: $35000 + NO ADDITIONAL COST

The plan you choose is completely up to you.


C = Total Cost

n = Number of Rides

Initial Cost: $10000

Variable Cost: $1400

Slope y-intercept Form (y = mx + b): C = 10000 + 1400n


C = Total Cost

n = Number of Rides

Initial Cost: $35000

Variable Cost: $0

Slope y-intercept Form (y = mx + b): C = 35000 + 0n --> C=35000


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Above, is a graph of the 2 plans we have available. This will be greatly beneficial for your understanding of how our plans work. (By the way, every number on the vertical (y) axis should be multiplied by 1000)


In this case, the intersecting point is (6.25, 35000) This means that if you chose either plan and traveled on our airplane 6.25 times, you would still have to pay $35000. So despite their different rates, at one point of time, they would be the exact same cost. However, we know this is not possible because you cannot take 6.25 plane rides. The Point of Intersection can also be found manually as well.

To manually find this, you must use the above provided graph and:


Make both your equations equal to each other:

  • y = 4000x + 10000------------------------------------- y = 35000

2) Solve for x:

4000x + 10000 = 35000

4000x = 25000

x = 6.25

3) Solve for y, now that you have x:

y = 4000x + 10000

y = 4000(6.25) + 10000

y = 25000 + 10000

y = 35000

Therfore, the (x,y) coordinates for the Point of Intersection are: (6.25,35000)


Well.. now that you have learned your little math lesson and have obtain knowledge about linear systems from the previous components of this flyer, you have the ability to choose effectively which plan you want to take.

According to the number of planes you want to take, you would need to consider which plan would be cheaper for you. In theory, the Point of Intersection describes it all. Now you can take a final conclusion.

If you want to take six flights or less, you would want to take BUSINESS CLASS because according to the graph's x axis, the BUSINESS CLASS line is less than the FIRST CLASS line. However, if you were to take more than six flights, then you would be better off taking the FIRST CLASS plan because it is lower than the BUSINESS CLASS line when both lines are above the Point of Intersection. After taking into careful consideration using the pros and cons of both plans as well as the intense mathematical explanation for why you should choose which plan, you can now take your decision...


So what do you think? The BUSINESS plan or the FIRST CLASS plan? Hopefully now you will have a much greater understanding of which plan to choose as well as a math lesson too. What great Customer Service! Anyways, we hope you one day will soar the skies and embark on your aviation adventure!

The SilverScintillation3000 - Triple the Pleasure, Triple the Speed

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