Globalization is the processes of international arising form the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture.

economic globalization

economic globalization is the increase in cross-border movement of goods, technology, service and capital.

problem: When the United States trades goods with other countries that makes our
When the United States trades with other countries and doesn't
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environmental globalization

problem: Environmental globalization can pollute the earth and harm our environment.
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Cultural Globalization

the transferring of ideas, meanings, values and and relationships between people.

problem: People from the United States try to push the way they live their priorities onto other people from other countries.
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Technological Globalization

social interconnectivity of universal connections such as phones, emails, internet and other electronics.

problem: Now that technology is more advanced than it was a long time ago people use social networking to connect with people instead of face to face.

solution: If people would connect with each other face to face that would make our community closer and that would allow
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China's population map shows that more people live near the coast of china and less people live inland.
China's transportation map shows all the different ways that you can get around from place to place in China.
China's natural resources map shows all the different natural resources china has.
The three maps above are all examples of how globalization affects China.

My Realationship with Globalization

Globalization is around me everyday. There are good and bad things about globalization. One good things about globalization is there was new technology made.
Some bad things about globalization is the new technology that was made is making it harder for people to connect with each other face to face. Globalization affects my everyday life because of the different cultures around me, new technology, goods from different countries that are in my house and the environment.

The Iphone 5c

The iPhone comes from a factory in China and gets shipped to the U.S. and then they are distributed to apple stores and other stores across the country.