6th Grade Weekly Newsletter

5/17 - 5/21

Last 6th Grade Newsletter!

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Congrats to our 6th Grade Students who received this year's Character Strong Trait Recognition!

Information from the 6th Grade Team


This week, we finished our Close Reading Unit. They used these skills and the close reading process to read a poem of their choosing from a selection of 3: "Hope is a Thing with Feathers" by Emily Dickinson, "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes, and "The Road Less Traveled" by Robert Frost. This assessment was given on Thursday this week/finished on Friday. Students will be able to make corrections next week if necessary.

We also finished our Mentor Sentences as well! Students took a quiz over our last Mentor Sentence which was the famous quote from Muhammed Ali - "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see." Students were able to make corrections today if they didn't like their score.

4th Quarter Reading Journal is due on the last day of school: Wednesday, May 26th! A lot of students were able to turn this in already. However, if they haven't completed their journal and/or read and finished two books this quarter, they need to make sure they get as far as they can in their book and finish the blank slides before submitting by the due date.

If your student is still missing the Social Justice Reading Passion Project, please have them submit (even if it is incomplete) by at least Tuesday, May 25th.

ELA may be finishing like crazy with all these assessments, but we will end the year doing a lot of classroom reflection and celebration by coming together to think about this year as whole. It has been a pleasure teaching this group. We have come a long way after this pandemic and I can't wait to see them grow up into 8th graders before they leave Barry!


This week in science we have been planning a mission to Mars. The kids have decided on jobs, planned extra supplies they might need, chose a team name and logo, and budgeted $250 million dollars to create a successful mission.

Next week, we will conclude MARSbound with LAUNCH DAY!! Fingers crossed their missions are successful.

I gave them back their Space 2 Tests today. They had the option to do corrections to improve their score. Corrections are due Monday, May 24th.


Students have been working hard on converting fractions, decimals, and percents this week. We spent this week with practice and review to prepare for our final assessment of the year on Monday, 05/24. This assessment will be over converting the big three (fractions, decimals, and percents). Next Tuesday, I am leaving open for corrections and review with students over the assessment.

Students were given their STAR score reports today in class and should have them to give to you. If you did not receive them please email me and I will get you a copy.

I would like to end this by saying it has been a fun time teaching your child this year. While it was an unusual year, the students did wonderfully and I am amazed at the growth I have seen in their math thinking.

Have a wonderful summer!!

Social Studies

We are wrapping up our African/European unit. Our essential question for this unit was "Is colonization Good"? The final assessment for the class was for students to write a four paragraph reflection paper answering this question, using the resources that we created throughout this unit. This assignment is due on Monday.

It is amazing to think that we have reached the end of this school year. It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with and teach the 6th grade students at Barry. I can't thank you them and you all enough for working hard, focusing, and making this year a success through some very unique challenges. Have a great summer!



We finished our 2021 Olympic games and will be holding our closing ceremony next week to wrap everything up. The kids have done an awesome year with everything that's been going on and we hope everyone has a great summer!


Please email Ms. Chesney if you have questions or concerns.


Please email Ms. Rolls/Mrs. Duffy if you have questions or concerns.


Please email Mr. Elliott if you have questions or concerns.

World Language

Please email Mrs. Lackey if you have questions or concerns.


Students are working on an animation project using the Animaker app (free and online!). They each had a chance to choose a project and will complete them independently. We will share our "movies" on Tuesday, May 25th.

Reading 180

Please email Ms. Berglund if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, May 26th: 3-Hour Early Release - Last Day of School

Wednesday, May 26th: End of 4th Quarter/2nd Semester

Tuesday, June 2nd: 4th Quarter/2nd Semester Reports go home

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