BCS Special Education Connection

December 2015

Happy Holidays!

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us!! The first semester has flown by. We are very grateful for all the hard work and dedication you have shown to our students. In case we don't get to see all of you face to face before the holiday season, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sarah and MIchelle

Portfolio Check In

It's that time again! All teachers completing TCAP ALT portfolios are required to bring one portfolio (to include at least 10 data points in all content areas) for feedback before they are due. Please stop by during the time below that is most convenient for you.

Date: 12/17/2015

Time: 2:30-5:00

Where: BCS Central Office

Progress Reports

Related Service Providers need to have their progress reports completed by December 11, 2015 and all case managers should have progress reports completed before leaving for holiday break on December 18. These progress reports will be sent home with report cards when we return from the holidays.

Progress Monitoring in Aimsweb

Progress Monitoring for Students in Special Education

*All students benchmark on grade level

Results of benchmark determine whether the student will be monitored on grade level or off.

*If the student scores Tier 1 or 2, the student will be monitored on grade level in their area of identified exceptionality.

- Gathering data for students scoring in Tier one can be used to determine if the student continues to be eligible for special education

*If the student scores Tier 3, the student will be monitored on their instructional level in their area of identified exceptionality - (this will be completed and noted in aims web) When a student is up for reevaluation, the teacher will complete one probe on grade level in their area of exceptional (this will be completed on paper – as the student’s instructional level is noted within the computer). The school psychologist will use the student’s benchmark and grade level probe to determine the student’s gap.

Flowcharts for Referral to Assistive Technology Team or Requesting an Assistive Technology Assessment

The Assistive Technology Guide (revised 11-15) will be sent to clericals next week. Below are visuals that streamline expectations. Please contact Andrea Moore (elementary) or Rick Marcus (middle/high) after reviewing the manual and visuals if you have any questions.
Big image
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Promethean Board Training Available

Allison Young will be doing a Promethean Board Training on December 16, 2015 at Appling Middle School in the Library. The first session is from 3:15-4:15 and the second session is from 4:30-5:30. You will need to sign up in My Learning Plan.

Co-Teach Professional Development

Thanks to everyone who attended the second Professional Development session on December 1. We had a great presentation by Amy Reed and Jennifer Yoder. The principals also got to experience the co teaching session this past week at their monthly meeting that was presented last month.

Behavior Quick Tip: Selective Attention

For behaviors that are maintained by attention (and even reprimands are attention), remember this:

Add lots of attention to positive behaviors when they happen (these are the behaviors that you want to see increase and

Subtract attention from inappropriate behaviors (these are the behaviors that you want to see decrease).

**Selective attention is not appropriate for aggression and non-compliance.**

IEP Tips

Last month we gave guidance on how to make the statement on page 2 of the IEP specifically relate to how the student's disability impacts them in the general education setting.

This month we want to highlight the statement on page 13 which reads

Explain the extent, if any, in which the student will not participate with non-disabled peers in:

1. the regular class

2. extracurricular and non academic activities

3. and/or, his/her LEA Home School

When answering these questions, please be specific as to the amount of time that they will NOT participate with peers in the general education setting.

Example: "Student" will participate in resource instruction for 45 minutes per day to remediate deficits in basic reading skills but will also receive reading instruction within the general education setting. She will participate with her peers all day except for her resource time of 45 minutes per day.

Timesaver Tips from Teachers

TNCore.Org Website Migration

Audience: Instructional Supervisors and Educators

As communicated in the Sept. 23 Commissioner’s Update for Directors (here), the resources on www.TNCore.org will migrate to a new site hosted by the Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation at Lipscomb University in early 2016. The new website, www.eduToolbox.org, will be a compilation of resources for all educators from a variety of sources. Please bookmark this site now and share it with your networks.