Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a branch of Engineering that mainly industrial applications and mechanics.

Responsibilities and such

As a Mechanical Engineer, one must solve basic problems when designing a product, when solving these problems mechanical engineers have to evaluate the problem, plan, and try different angles on how to solve it, or fix it.

"Ethical Situations"

Why is mechanical engineering needed ? Well using mechanical engineering helps solve mechanical problems efficiently and logically, while also inventing and designing new technology.


Becoming an engineer.....

Aerospace Engineer

Automotive Engineer

Maintenance Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

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What is Market Analysis?

  1. a phase of marketing research conducted to determine the characteristics and extent of a market

Risks ?

to do market analysis, it mainly requires strict controlled variables and environments to adequately produce relevant information.

What does mechanical engineering produce?

their branch of engineering usually deals with generation, distribution, and the use of energy. they produce things from engines, to space shuttles, vehicles, and even turbines.