The step sisters and their sister

dy Anna maria niyibitanga

paragraph 1

Once there lived a girl called Cindrella she was rich and lived in a big house. One day her dad fell in love with a poor sweet girl who had two daughters, They were also sweet, and kind.

paragraph 2

Then two years later he married her, her name was Angel. After the wedding she moved in with him but Cinderella didn't like her new step mum because she was poor. After her dad died from cancer, she was mean to her step mum and her step sister's. She made them clean the house, make lunch and dinner and do all the house work.

paragraph 3

After five years of working for Cinderella there was a ball at the castle. The prince was looking for a wife,so he sent invitations to every one.But when Cinderella got the invitation she said ,"I am the only one here,"Cinderella didn't want her step mum and her step sisters to go to the ball.

paragraph 4

There days later Cinderella got clothes and said ," You all must make me a dress each, and I will wear one to the ball."

Then when her step family was making her dresses she went to the shops to buy shoes and jewellery.

paragraph 5

When Cinderella's family was done making her dress she said ,"I hate it make me another one!Then her sisters replied "We worked so hard on your dress but you still don't like them.

paragraph 6

Cinderella thought she could buy her dress then make it.

Later that night Angle was crying because of Cinderella and then a man who was floating in front of her said,"I am your fairy godfather and you and your daughters will go to the ball tomorrow night!

"How?" replied Angle "you will see tomorrow night."

paragraph 7

The next day Cinderella was ready to go to the ball and as she rode off her family was crying.The Fairy godfather came and said,"Now you may go to the ball,I will give you everything you need! surprise!"and he did just that. Angle was very happy but she had to come back at 12:00am.

paragraph 8

When they arrived at the ball they all got to dance with the prince. The prince only liked one of the daughters. It was almost 12:00am and they all had to run away but Crystal left a shoe behind

paragraph 9

The next morning the Prince surprised everyone and knocked on Angle's door looking for the owner of the shoe. Then the Prince asked Crystal to marry him and she said"Yes"!

Cinderella was poor and her family was rich

Then they lived happy ever after without Cinderella.