What I have learned about IMovie

In the past few weeks

How to add in a green screen on iMovie

To get the green screen on iMovie. First, go to your iMovie tab at the top left of your screen next to the apple. Click on it and the click on preferences. You will need to check off advanced tools and then exit out of that. Take your Movie clip you wish to use with a green screen and drag it into a new project. Once you have done so, find a picture you want to add into the green screen and drag it over to the beginning of the clip to were there is a plus showing. A list of options should pop up and at the very bottom, there is an option green screen. Click it and then you have your green screen. In your Initial movie clip, make sure you have a green material as your background or it wont work.

How to "Set the Mood"

We are going to "set the mood." What I mean by that is when you are making a movie, you have to change the contrast and move around the saturation. When you do this, it affects the way you look at some things like a garden in a picture. You can do lots of things but here is my tutorial on how to saturate.


How to clone

You can clone your self by this directional video. Click on the following link to learn this amazing feature of iMovie.


Not really I movie but its still for I movie

To add music in Precisely in iMovie and you use garage band. It shows you the beats and other things to change the scene at the precise time you want it. Here is my example.

How to Voiceover

To voice over, this one is very simple. All you have to do is click on the microphone in the middle of the page and select a clip to voiceover.

Were I got My information From

Youtube videos

Multiple iMovie blogs


Easiest iMovie Tutorial Ever

Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked ALOT how to make the green screen work. As I have put in many of my previous videos. You open iMovie and one you have done so and it has come up, click in the top left corner next to the apple on iMovie. The first option should be Preferences. Click on that and the first box, make sure it is checked to do many of the things I can do on my Mac.