Volunteer Update

April 2014

To God be the Glory...our Team is Growing!!

Check out the email following this one to see the April schedule...only God could have filled the gaps that were needed for April!! He is teaching me to pray boldly and trust Him with each passing week!

Let's continue to pray as the ministry and the number of children attending grows weekly...we still have a few gaps to fill! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!


  • Please contact me with cancellations as soon as possible. Ideally, finding someone to swap Sundays with you makes it easier for everyone. I know that is not always possible, so no worries! :)
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before service time.
  • Please remember that asking students to obey the Lord by respecting your requests during class is ok and necessary! Step aside and handle disobedience quickly and appropriately so that the children know the boundaries and the rest of the class will continue as intended. Showing clear boundaries and clear consequences actually shows them that you love them...we look to God for that example and thankfully, Scripture is clear in that area.

Resurrection Celebration/Egg Hunt

On Sunday, April 13th, children will bring packed lunches - we will stop classes early to allow them to eat before service ends. There will be extras on hand for those who do not have food. The rooms are bound to be a disaster, but the kids will enjoy lunch with their friends, so, let's celebrate Jesus' resurrection and make a big ol' mess!! Parents will pick up their children and head to E-Town for a family mini-service before the actual event!


  • Let me know if you want to order a t-shirt ($8).
  • Please contact me if you are available on Easter....we can't have too many volunteers/greeters that day! I will bring breakfast items for the supply room!!
  • An Adventureland leadership team is being formed...if you want to be a room leader/volunteer trainer/card sender (sounds funny, I know!)...please let me know!

Not For a Moment...

I don't know what you might be going through at this time, but this song certainly applies to us all....pleeeease listen to it at least once!! I love you all, and I am praying for God to move and show Himself to us in ways we never thought possible!!!

Humbled and grateful,


Meredith Andrews - Not For A Moment (After All) - Live