Everything you need to know about an Acceptable Use Policy.

What is an AUP?

An agreement between the students and school district that students will follow certain rules in order to use the school computers and equipment as well as, access the Internet.

So what did I agree to...?

By signing the AUP you agreed but not limited to the following:

  • Use the Internet only when a teacher, cleared parent-volunteer is present
  • Use electronic resources for educational purposes only
  • Not harass, bully, or threaten anyone online
  • To not use another individuals personal information
  • Not allow another user to access my account
  • to not read another persons email or files
  • the district is not responsible for any loss, stolen, or damaged student electronic devices

Why do I need an AUP?

  • By signing an AUP you become aware of the rules and regulations when accessing the Internet and when using the schools computers
  • An AUP keeps you safe
  • Allows you access to the Internet at school

How can I find the AUP?

  • The Bryant Ranch Office will have a copy of the AUP, just ask the Office Secretary
  • Your parents and/or guardians will have access to an AUP
  • Ask your teacher! He or she will have a copy or access to a copy of an AUP
  • OR attached to this flyer is a copy of your schools AUP for students and parents or guardians!

How do I make sure I follow the rules?

  • Always listen or communicate with the teacher when using district computers or equipment
  • If you think you are doing something wrong or something is not right, then stop and ask for help
  • Don't share your personal information (username and password) with anyone, even your friends
  • Never be afraid to ask questions!