Vegetation, Soil, & Climate

How this influences on where Canadians live


~ Places in which vegetation is unhealthy, or less accessible, can decrease the chances of being inhabited.

~ Healthy vegetation can make a place seem more popular, or known. (Italy known for pizza, Quebec known for poutine.)

~ Vegetation is something people need to survive. Places in which there are no trees, or fruits is most likely not to be inhabited.


~ Soil is the main component of vegetation.

~ It provides nutrients for whatever is growing.

~ It is easy to find, and it is easy to maintain plants with soil.


~ Places in which the temperature is below 0 degrees may be less inhabited because it is cold.

~ Places in which temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees are more inhabited because it is warm.

~ Places where the temperature can be high and low may produce high amounts of precipitation.