By: Fernanda Velasco


The beautiful summer

warm and tender.

The memory warms me

just like the thought of her.

She is as refreshing as a day in May.

Her sweet, nurturing voice draws me in.

Every thought of her

brings a smile to my face.

All those times we spent together

I will treasure them forever.

Nothing can take them away.

Not distance

Not people

Not death

for she will remain within me till' I'm gone.

I miss her, I miss her a lot.

It feels like I haven't seen her for 2 million years.

When in reality we talk on the phone every 2 weeks.

It hurts to not be there for her,

Until we see again, I'll hold on to those memories

like if my life depended on them.

I won't ever let them go.


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If I Were In Charge of the World

If I were in charged of the world

I'd make school only 4 hours long,

there would be no uniforms,

everyone would own all the books they wanted,

also there free Netflix for everyone.

If I were in charged of the world

You wouldn't see war.

You wouldn't see people die and float away just like balloons do.

You wouldn't have to pay for anything.

You wouldn't have any homework.

Or get told what to do.

If I were in charged of the world

Everyone would watch "Chuck"

Everyone would be equal.

The whole world would be at peace.

Would still be allowed to be

In charged of the world.

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I like dresses

dresses make you look girly, but I'm 'OK' with that.

I love the way they make you feel, pretty as a blossoming flower.

I may not have the best legs for them

I may not have the biggest bubs to fill them

I may not have the tallest frame

I may not have the smallest waits

but I like dresses.

I like all types of dresses



Full skirt dress

Empire wait dress


or Hourglass dresses

Anything really.

Patterns, Colors, Fabrics

they make me go crazy.

I obsess over them all.

I guess I could be called a "Dressaholic"

the name would really suit.

Want dresses

Dream dresses

Wear dresses

Love dresses.