Rosso Fiorentino


Rosso Fiorentino was born on March 8, 1494 in Florence, Italy. His life was mostly spent in Florence, Rome, and France. When he was trying to get an education, he had trouble finding a teacher. In 1512, he entered the workshop of Andrea del Sarto, were he met his teacher, Pontormo. In 1523, Rosso went to Rome where he met Michelangelo and members of Raphael's circle. In 1530, Rosso went to France to paint for King Francis I in the Fontainebleau. Rosso was one of the founders of the new painting style of Mannerism. Some of his pieces consisted of Deposition of the Cross and Dead Christ with Angels. Some of Rosso's patrons were King Francis I and Cardinal Jean de Lorraine. In the picture, Deposition from the Cross, the red haired man is thought to be a self portrait of Rosso.

Deposition from the Cross

One of Rosso Fiorentino's most popular painting is named Deposition from the Cross. It was made in 1521. This piece was painted with a new style called mannerism developed mostly by Rosso and his companions. I find this piece interesting because the Renaissance was supposed to involve secularism but this painting is the scene when Jesus was taken down from the crucifix. With this being said, Rosso Fiorentino tends to be against secularism. He paints his saddened emotions when painting Jesus like in this piece and Dead Christ with Angels.