Singin' In The Rain

A Broadway Musical


Singing' in the Rains main characters are Dan Lockwood, and Lina Lamont. The main characters play film stars who are co-staring in the first Hollywood musical where actors could sing, talk, and dance. The music, and dancing numbers are phenomenal and timeless.

Five facts

1. The co-director said the initial story line idea was developed for a movie called " Excess Baggage".

2.Originally the titlesong appeared in "Hollywood Review".

3.Don Lockwood the character was originally imagined as a cowboy actor.

4. Comden and Oscar Levant inspired the Cosmo Brown character.

5. The broadway musical went on tour int he U.K.

Two Actors That Appeared In The Musical

1.Danielle Carson

2.Roy Castle

Awards and Recognitions

Laurence Olivier Award:

Best actress in a musical

Best musical revival

Best actor in a musical

Best performance in a supporting role in a musical

Best theatre choreographer

Best actress in a musical

Best performance in a supporting role in a musical

Tony Award:

Best book of a musical

Best performances by a leading actor in a musical

Three interesting facts

1. Singin' in the Rain opened on broadway in 1985.

2. Singin' in the Rain ran on broadway for eleven months.

3. The original broadway production had 367 performances, and 38 previews when it first ran for eleven months.

Two songs

1. Fit as A Fiddle

2. Singing in the Rain