For Sale Osmoroni

Soon In Your Local Grocery Store

What is Osmoroni

Osmoroni is simply meat that has gone through a osmotic dehydration bath. Which cause it to be shelf safe for years. This has been developed for the Military. The military needs Meals Ready to Eat or MRE's. These MRE's are meals that have years of shelf life, they won't go stale for years and don't need to be refrigerated. Osmoroni is just a new type of meat made for the military MRE program. They predict they should be able to make a shelf safe pizza near 2017.

But, the military actually has created different types of food and different types of cooking devices. Every kid loves Mac&Cheese, but that was actually developed by the military as a MRE. If you go into a grocery store you can find the militaries finger prints all over the store. The military also developed TV Dinners. But it needed to be heated up so they created the microwave. The military created a device we all have in our homes to cook our food.

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