Exposing the Taliban

By: David Johnson

Taliban Misstreatment

Since 1996 the Taliban regime who took control of Kabul has tightened its grips on the rights and restrictions of the people of the country. Mainly the women of the area have been effected by this change of power. Not to say that the men of the area haven't been but the women have it much worse. Just a few things that woman are restricted from doing are, dealing with male shop keepers, Seeing male doctors, ban on going to school, harsh physical punishment of clothing restrictions are not met. Women can not even leave there house unless attended by a Husband. If you were to ask most Americans what was going on in the middle east at this time i feel that almost none of them would tell you about these Taliban restrictions. Most people associate the Taliban with a group of terrorists who blow things up but they are a far larger organization able of controlling people through marshall law.


These are just some of the pictures of what women in Afghanistan have to deal with on a daily basis, including strict dress code and physical punishment for not following any of the before mentioned rules.