Slavery: Quiz

10 Multiple Choice Questions.

Questions 1-10

1. Where was the man sold to in the Scholastic underground railroad story

A: A Plantation in Kentucky

B: A small town in South Carolina

C: A bar in New york

D: Just a small town girl. Living in a lonely world. and it goes on and on and on and on.

2. Where did the Underground Railroad lead. ( There are two correct answers only needs one)

A. Canada

B.The South

C:The North

D:Out of the country

3.What was the job of overseers

A:To help and encourage the slaves

B: To bring water and food to the slavers

C: To watch the slaves and be sure they do not run away

D: Salmon.

4.At what time did most slaves try to escape

A: At night

B: At Knight

C: In the morning

D: Middle of the day

5.What river did most slaves cross in order to get to the free states

A:Missisipi River

B:Atlantic Ocean

C:Hudson River

D: Ohio river

6.What would happen if you helped a runaway slave

A: You get a gold sticker.

B:You would get impriosened


D.You get beaten

7. What did some slaves get to do if they saved enough money.

A: Get a gold star

B:Get freedom for a day

C:Get beat

D: Get to buy there freedom

8.What would happen to slaves if they were cought running away

A:Get slapped on there hand

B:Nothing. Just they could keep running

C:Returned to there master

D:Get Beaten "till the blood flows"

9.The Underground rail road was made of:


B: Groups of Houses that would continualy house and move slaves

C: A underground railroad where trains picked up slaves

D: A Salmon

10.Where did slaves usually sleep

A:On the welcome mat

B: In the main House

C: In a tree

D: In a shed or barn