Cougar Chronicles

Week of April 11-15, 2016

Our Week at a Glance

~Happy birthday to Angie Butler! (April 10)

~Report cards will be run on Monday, April 11. Make it a point to have grades posted (1 per each subject) by Friday.

~Tuesday is BACKWARDS day to celebrate Chapter 17. (Plan on a short assembly on Monday, April 18 at the very end of the day to celebrate the novel. Remember to get your ideas of what your class/grade level wants to do for our Reading Night open house on April 19...plan to be here!)

~K-2 play @ WJMS on Wednesday, 4/13. Check out the new lunch schedule sent out by Mrs. Lolli.

~Academic Excellence Awards and DARE graduation on Thursday, 4/14.

~Beginning teacher meeting this Thursday, 4/14.

~Terrific Kids for PreK-2 on Friday 4/15; Fourth grade trip to Linville; Fire Drill

*Coming up next week: Benchmarks, Icee Man; Robotics Competition; STEM on Saturday at Chesterfield (on 4/23)

*4/28 is the next Faculty Meeting

*Here's a link to the calendar so you can check out all of our wonderful events

*Don't forget to complete grade level/department meeting notes by the end of the week:

  • Keep updated with what is happening in SPECIALS
  • Here's what is up with ESL

RTI/MTSS and Thumbs Up/Down

We're handling our next round of Thumbs Up/Down / RTI/MTSS meetings a bit differently. You are asked to sign up for a time to review your individual student data with the administration. We want to make sure we're not allowing for any child to fall between the cracks!

At these meetings, please bring and be ready to discuss the following:

- Tier 2 paperwork, including intervention data gathered for ALL students on Tier2

-For grades 4/5, especially, to discuss differentiation and ways we can continue to assist the "bubble" students

-Review trends of the past 2 years in EVAAS, again, to see if we are sticking true again this year / what support or ideas you and your team want to try to continue to get the HUGE growth gains

-Any questions you have about specific student issues/concerns (NOT just academic concerns)

Sign up on the Spreadsheet HERE by Tuesday, 4/12, so we can meet with everyone. Please be careful to NOT type over someone's name. (Type your name in column "C" beside the time of the date which works best for you.) If none of these dates/times work for you, please get with Ms. Caldwell or Mrs. Austin to arrange a time to meet and hold these very important student meetings. *These meetings are for grade level homeroom teachers only. Pertinent data will be shared, however, with ALL teachers after information is compiled. THANK YOU*