P.G. Wodehouse

Biographical Newsletter

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

-Childhood and Education

Born on 15 October 1881 in England, Wodehouse was the third of four children born in his family. He was sent to England for his schooling and attended Dulwich college where he was driven academically and participated in sports. Wodehouse also was in musical and theatrical plays and represented his school in rugby and boxing. He graduated with his graduate degree in 1900.

-Early Career

Taking up banking two years after his graduation, Wodehouse realized that it was not his calling. His early writing were with The Globe as a journalist and was in charge of the comic column. His first novel, The Pothunters was published in year 1902 followed by A Perfect Uncle in 1903, Love among the Chickens in 1906, The Swoop in 1909 and P smith in The City in 1910.

-Marriage & Children

Wodehouse Timeline

1881- Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was born on 15 October.

1894- He was admitted in to Dulwich College.

1900- He received his graduate degree.

1902- He received his first job as a journalist with The Globe.

1902- His first novel The Pothunters was published.

1914- Wodehouse married Ethel Wayman.

1934- He settled in France.

1939- World War II broke out.

1940- Wodehouse was arrested by the Germans.

1955- The Wodehouse couple became U.S. citizens.

1975- Wodehouse was knighted by the British Government.

1975- P.G. Wodehouse died on 14 February.

1984- His wife Ethel Died.

2000- The 'Bollinger everyman Wodehouse Prize' was created in UK.