John Reinbold

How it is Transmitted

One of the possibilities of getting HIV/AIDS is not protected during sex. And another way is being born with the parents of HIV/AIDS. And the use of needles and blood transfusion.


Their are more than 34 Million Orphans in the Region of Sub Saharn Africa and 11 Million of them are Orphaned by AIDS. It has risin to 3.5% - 32% will continue to Incresase Exponentially as the Disease spreads. In the year 2011 alone 1.2 million adults and children has died as a result of aids related illness. Sub Saharan Africa is the most affected place in the world. And around 360,000 children in sub saharan africa became infected HIV in 2010.

What it does to anyone

HIV destroys a type of defense cell in the body called a CD4 helper lymphocyte. These lymphocytes are part of the body's immune system, the defense system that fights infections. When HIV destroys these lymphocytes, the immune system becomes weak and people can get serious infections that they normally wouldn't.

Treatment and Care for HIV/AIDS

Treatment and care for HIV/AIDS consists of a number of different elements apart from ARVs. ( Drug to treat infection ) These include voluntary counselling and testing, food and management of nutrition, follow-up counselling, protection from discrimination, treatment of other sexually transmitted infections, and the prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections. Alongside antiretroviral treatment, all of these elements should be made available for all people living with HIV.