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What types of computer monitors exist

What Types of Computer Monitors Exist

Most people are aware that there are a lot of different display options on a T.V, but not many people know that there are the same amount of display options on computer monitors. The different types of computer monitors are cathode-ray tube monitors, LCD (liquid-crystal display) monitors and plasma monitors.

Cathode-ray tube monitors

Cathode-ray tube monitors work the same was that projection-screen televisions do. They use a cathode to fire negative charges of electrons from the back of the monitor. The screen is made of particles that work when they are struck by electrons and glow which then creates a visible picture.

LDC monitors

  • LCD stands for liquid-crystal display. LCD computer monitors use liquid crystals to display it pictures. The liquid crystal material is placed between the thin filters. These electrodes can be fired using very small amounts of electricity which then makes the liquid crystal material to make visible picture on the monitor screen.

  • monitors can be touch screen

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    Plasma monitors

    Plasma computer monitors work by converting a mixture of gases (neon and xeno). The process takes place between two panes of glass. Between the two panes of glass there are thousands of tiny enclosures that contain a gas mixture that becomes works when electricity is passed through, creating a visible picture.