Paper Staff Call 10/14/2016

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

First Class Flyers

Way to go, Yvonne!

Just want to let you know that the intervention with Mrs. Chimwaza is a breath of fresh air. She's helped Guy with the two Algebra tests that were needed for the gating date, and I think she's getting into his head. We just had a very good session with her and Guy was engaged. since engaging him has been the biggest part of the battle, I'm impressed. She just might be the key I've been hoping to find to unlock the block!

She has a wonderful gift for finding ways to approach the subject! Her love for math is obvious, and that's a big plus for really teaching, not just presenting any subject.

From the Tower...

Head of School

LAVCA would like to host a Fall Fest on October 28 from 10 to 12 at the office for students that would like to come and celebrate the changing of the weather... and spark some more interest in our blended learning center. We need your input- what would your students like to do during the event? Paint pumpkins, science experiments, ??? Send in your ideas to make this event as memorable as the first PSL of the season. See the survey at end of the end of the staff call.


Here’s the K7 Flight Plan

Ideas for added those 15 hours that teachers have shared:

  1. Flipped lesson sessions before the whole group: Have a slide on the board with active links to your flipped activity and assignments that are in the newsletter for students to review their expectations for the day and watch the flipped video (or whatever you flipped lesson is). No tools given to students and have a note for them to raise their hand if they have any questions (just make sure you have the alert to raised hands setting on so you don’t have to watch the screen the whole time and will be alerted if a student has a question) (That could give you an hour added to your schedule – 2 – 30 min sessions)

  2. Add a one hour remediation class into your schedule once or twice a week – perfect opportunity to invite that “Below Basic” group of kids and teach some prior knowledge concepts that they need to be successful in your whole groups for the week. (Could add 1 – 2 hours to your schedule and 1 – 2 required invites for those below basic kids)

  3. Office Hours – no one invited – You can schedule office hours during the times in the week when you typically make phone calls. Do not invite any kids. But have the session open with you in it. As you make those phone calls and a student needs some help you can email them the link to jump into the session so you can work one on one with the student. (could add anywhere from 1 – 8 hours to your schedule)

  4. One on one sessions with students in your course who are struggling to master OLS lessons (anywhere from 30 minutes to hours on your schedule – personally to make this not take up your entire life. I’d suggest doing the office hours and pulling the one on ones into that session as you see the need for them rather than actually planning out sessions for specific kids.)

Your partner teachers who love to hear your ideas: Complete this survey: if you have additional ideas to share and we will include them in the next staff call!

Making Those whole group sessions with Optional and Required students: Check out this QRG for the easiest way I could think of to make it happen!!!


Here is your Flight Plan for next week.

Great job in your added sessions this week! We look forward to continuing to see growth due to your unending dedication to making our students successful.

We are seeing some amazing things in our observations...great use of real-time data in the sessions. If you've got some great ideas to share on your use of data in the classroom or incorporating student-led, inquiry-based strategies, we'd love to hear them!

Teaching Opportunity

We have an opening for an English I teacher. If you have a recommendation, have them send their resumes to Catherine at


  • We hope to start scheduling Office Administrator interviews next week. The link is below for any local referrals:*A5120186BA201EE0

  • I will be out of the office beginning Monday, Oct. 17th - Thursday, Oct. 20th. Please email me, and I will respond in the evenings.

Special Programs

Please look for an update from our Special Programs department early next week.


Our Latest Metrics (10/10/2016)

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FAST Referrals

We currently have 137 active referrals and 9 on the waiting list. Kelly and Cynthia are limited to 43 active referrals at a time, and Eddrick and Kim are limited to 50 referrals at a time. Any referrals beyond those limits will be placed on a waiting list. As spots become available, they will be placed with FASLs.
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FAST Progress

FASLs are working hard with students. We are seeing progress. In about two weeks, we have gotten 81 new referrals. We will continue to work with those students to see increases in progress and engagement. Please remember, we are using a strengths based approach with our FAST students. As you continue to work with the students that have been referred to FAST, please acknowledge their progress, even if it is small. Also, please reach out to your FASL if you have any concerns. We are here to support you, and we really need and desire your collaboration and support as well.
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FAST Referral Submissions

Please remember to SUBMIT, not Save your referrals.

You must also have all items with a red * completed; otherwise, you cannot submit the referral. If you are having problems submitting the referral and are in the classic SharePoint view, please check to make sure all required items are completed.

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A Quick Tune Up

Communicable Disease Handout

Mama Knows Best Hands-Only CPR Training Video


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