Spring 2016 PLCoordinator Updates

To Do List before Amplify Tablets go away...

1. Download anything you posted on PL Builder that you do not already have saved

- Towards the end of May, Amplify will be shutting down their website so don't lose what you've worked so hard on creating

2. Get OneDrive setup

- If you need help with this let me know! I can show you a shortcut for saving EVERYTHING

-OneDrive will be a program on your laptops/computers/anything Win10 so it will be easily accessible to save files

-One location for all of your files that you can access anytime/anywhere, why would you use anything else!?

3. Help students save their files

- Students devices will be completely wiped a few days before device turn in

-Help them save their files on OneDrive or a microSD (if they bring one themselves)

4. Do you have any accessories you are not using in your classroom?

-Please turn in keyboards, dongles, etc. to Media Center ASAP that are not being used in your classroom

-Amplify is wanting all unused devices and accessories returned in April

5. Details coming soon about May tablet collection for teachers and students

-Stay tuned...


1. Training

- If you have not had training from me since I started in January and are interested please email me to set up a training

-All training will need to be completed by the end of April/Beginning of May due to device collection and new device distribution all of May and June

2. End of the year export (very important!)

- Next year's courses will not be available until mid-August in Canvas

-To ensure you have ALL of this year's course information I suggest exporting your course into a zip file so you can just import it into the new course next year.

Exporting Course Content to a Zip File

Click here for instructions on how to export a Canvas course (zip file).

Importing Course Content New School Year (2016-2017) from a Zip File

Click here for instructions on how to import a zip file containing course content.

New Device

1. Windows 10

-ALL computers and laptops will be updated at schools to Windows10 this year. Tech Services is currently working on this at schools right now. Several of the middle schools already are updated so be ready!

-I will be working with my team for training on this ASAP.

2. Net Support Tutor

- All teacher devices will have NSTutor so you will have MUCH more control of student devices than we did with the tablets

-Training will hopefully occur on this before the end of the school year

3. Receiving the new device in JUNE (if all goes as planned)

- As long as Lenovo sends devices on the timeline they provided, you should have your device and training before you go home for the summer

About Your PLC

I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you this year as I transitioned into this new role. Thank you for being so welcoming and allowing me into your classrooms. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all the rest of the year and next year as we continue the personalized learning journey. I hope to help you find better ways to incorporate Personalized Learning into your every day teaching not just use the new device!