Lincole Grave Robbers


In the book Lincoln Grave Robbers was very interesting. It had a lot of action but sometimes it gets really boring. When it went back in time to tell about Lincolns past it got really boring. Some of the exciting parts are when Boyd ( the main antagonist) gets into a lot trouble and runs from the cops. The book overall was good but it could be better. One thing the author should of done is add more action and less flashbacks. I would recommend this to anyone who likes action and history.

Compare and Contrast

Lincoln and Boyd are different and the same in many different ways. One way they are different is that Lincoln is a good guy but on the other hand Boyd is a bad guy. Lincoln is also tall but Boyd is short, he is only 5'4. One way they are the same is that they both have brown hair. Another way they are different is that Lincoln is a pretty intelligent guy however Boyd is a master mind.


The first thing that happens in the book is that it tells you about Lincoln and Boyd's childhood and how they were different. Then it tells you about how Boyd got into the criminal life and it tells you how Lincoln was doing good in school and how much of a good boy he was. Next it tells you all the banks and stores Boyd was robbing Then it tells you that Lincoln is running for president during this time. Last Lincoln dies while Boyd is in prison and Boyd's Crew bust him out of jail then go to steal Lincoln dead corpse.

Cause and Effect

There is a lot of cause and effect in this book. When Boyd was a kid he was poor and desperate as a result he became a criminal to get money. When Lincoln goes to ford theater it leads to Lincoln getting shot and killed. During Boyd's biggest attempt of robbing a bank the cops came so therefore Boyd went to jail. While Boyd is in jail Lincoln dies and his crew wants to get the body so they bust Boyd out of jail.


Overall this was a well balanced and good book. There were some boring parts during the book but the action made up for it. The action picked up towards the end of the pick so that made me want to read more and more of it. One thing that made the book kind of boring is all the flashbacks, they were boring and some were unnecessary. But the best part of the book was the action. The best action part was when Boyd's crew bust him out of jail, it was very entertaining and a lot of fighting. In the middle of the book Lincoln dies while Boyd is in jail. When him and his crew figure this out they bust Boyd out of jail and make a plan to steal the body of Lincoln. In the end of the book they get the body then tell the police and the government that if they want it back they have to pay 200,000 dollars for it back. What the police do is plan sneak attack to get the body back and put them in jail. In the end they get the body and the criminals go to jail.