Top 5 favorite vacation spots

School Project


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My favorite vacation spot that i went to was Rome. I picked Rome because it was my first time leaving the continent. Rome also had beautiful hills, and other landscapes. I saw many religious homes, artifacts,and even the Pope!


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I picked France as my second favorite spot because it had very good food, amazing scenery, fun activities and other interesting things to see and do.


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My 3rd favorite vacation spot was Rockford,Illinois. I picked this because I have relatives there and I got to see and hangout with my cousins, and have a great time.


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My 4th favorite vacation spot was northern California. I picked this because when i was in California earlier this year i got to ski on a very large beautiful mountain. I also got to take very scenery packed hikes where i saw many very beautiful things.


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My 5th favorite vacation I went on this year was a Caribbean Cruise that my family went on with some other relatives. It was a great time and we stopped at many other islands where we had great food, and a great time