The Cotton Gin

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What is it?

Are you a farmer in the south? Did you ever want to mass produce cotton? Do you want to make more money then thought possible before? Do you want farming to be easier? Well this invention is for you! The cotton gin is a new innovative product that has changed the way cotton is farmed. The cotton gin is a machine that quickly and easily separates cotton seeds from the cotton fibers allowing more productivity. This is so much faster and more efficient than doing it by hand. By doing it by hand it would take a whole day just to clean out a pound! But with this you can do now clean out 50 pounds of cotton in a day! This is the new form of farming and will definitely make your life easier! Imagine planting the cotton and now being able to farm it super quickly? It would make your life so much easier and you would get money for the cotton! In the end it is worth it and only costs $60 for it plus $40 for shipping. But in the end it is worth it and will change the way you make money and live!
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Pinehurst, North Carolina