A Little Bit Scary

By Aaron Mannes

You may think that Poison Fang Person is a little bit scary, but...

he always feeds his family in the morning and he adds a bit of ginger to their meals.

Poision Fang Person's Good Deeds

Poision Fang Person has saved a cat from a busy street.

He has called the hospital for someone unconsios.

He has worked a part time job at a funeral home.

Poisoin Fang Person's Family

He has a brother named Fire Fang Person, and a sister named Lightning Fang Person.

He has a mom named Blood Fang Person.

He has a dad named Ground Fang Person.

Poision Fang Person's Things To Do

He likes to hang out with friends.

He likes to work out.

He plays baseball.

Poision Fang Person's Favorite Things

His favorite food is pasta.

His favorite sport to watch is baseball.

His favorite sport is bowling.

His favorite pet is a boa constrictor, he wants it as a pet.