Middle age heros

William the Conquerer

Name- William the conqueror or William the 1st; Location/when and where did he live- he ruled England from 1066 to 1087 born in 1027; Personality- stern and violent; Conflict/battle- the battle of Hastings; Other events- September 27th 1066: Duke William sets sail for England - The Norman Invasion begins; Quote- Upon landing in England, William stepped off his boat and slipped and fell into the mud. Picking himself up and aware that such an occurrence would be seen as a bad omen with his men, he clenched the soil in his hands and said "See I grasp England in my hand"; Unusual facts- William was of Viking origin; What important decisions did he make- he made the decision to fight and try to conquer the battle of Hastings; Why should we care about him- he conquered the battle f Hastings thus making him a good role model; What was his biggest accomplishment- conquering the battle of Hastings

King John

Name- king john or king lacklandLocation- England; Personality- he was very mean and a bad king that no one really liked; Conflict/battle- at the battle of Bouvines, king john was defeated; Other events- accepted the documents, the Magna CartaQuote-"It is great wisdom to know how to be silent and to look at neither the remarks, nor the deeds, nor the lives of others."; Interesting fact- he made a group of powerful nobles mad and they joined together against him in 1215; Important decisions- to accept the Magna Carta despite having to now follow common laws; Why should I care about him- because he was a horrible king who but in accepted the document to make kings equal to the citizens; Most signifigant influence- signing the Magna Carta

Joan of Arc

Name- Joan of arc or maid of New Orleans; Location- born in France moved to England; Personality- she yells is bossy and yells at the soldiers to get them in place; Conflict or battle- the battle of Orleans; Other events- helped king Charles become king of France during the 100 years’ war; Quote- i am not afraid...i was born to do this; Unusual fact- one of Joan’s sins was that she wore pants; What important decision did she have to make- to use her gift to help people win in battle; Why do we care- because Joan was a wonderful role model and stood for her beliefs; Most significant accomplishment- leading the French soldiers to victory at the battle of Orleans

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