An awesome city!

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Oslo is a big city. It's got approximately 645.000 inhabitants.


The climate in this city is very cold. In winter it's -4.6 ºC
and in summer it's 19.2 ºC.


Oslo is an old city. It was founded in 1048 a. C.
It has lots of monuments and things to see.
Oslo is famous for it's university, that is the biggest university
of Norway. It is also famous for it's National Academy of Arts.

You can see...

Oslo stands out for it's good education in schools and highschools.
In this fantastic city you can see...
-The Museum of Vigeland.
-The Norwegian National Opera And Ballet.
-You can also find the Maritime Museum
-You can find the famous Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower trampoline

You can practise...

There are lots of things to do here, for example, you can
ski in the mountains. You can also practise ice skating.


The main industries are education and tourism.
Tourists usually go skiing, they love it.
The climate here is an advantage for these.

My opinion?

I love this city, it's very interesting and has a lot
of things to see. Come on with us and enjoy it!